Frquently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ related to Software Uses,Pricing,Benefits,Technical Specification,Data Security.

General Questions

What are the benefits of using Classwise

Systematic,Proper RecordKeeping,Increase Conversion & Focus on Important things Only.

I am not good at computers – how will I manage

Our Software is Very Easy to understand and Use.All the Functionalities are Self Explainatry.In Case of Any Confusion our team is ready to help you

I have multiple locations of my business

Our Application Come with Offline and Online Version.Online Version can be used to Manage Multiple Location of Branch

What is considered as a ‘site’ or location for licensing

Yes, Each Branch will have to Buy Separate Licensing with Discount of 25%

How much time will I need to get this up and running

2 Days after all the details are provided.

Do I get a free trial

Yes after Paying for 1 Month Package which would be adjusted in application.

What makes Classwise different (from others)

It Combination of both online and offline compatibility, Easy of Understand.

When should I adopt Classwise?

Anytime when you are ready for Good Process for your Administration & Marketing

We are a small institute, Classwise is too much?

Make Process Strong & Streamline will help to stay ahead of competition

I wish to brand the application to suit my organization brand colours. Can I Do it?

Yes it is Possible for Payment Receipt and Messages which go from the system

My reports need to have a particular look, How can I customize the reports or look?

Yes it can be Done Header of Each Report to Suit the organization

I need some feature not listed in the application, how can you provide it?

It is be provided but it will have some nominal customizatin charges

What is the downtime calculated?

As the Application is offline it does not have any downtime

What is the kind of support you provide?

We provide online as well as offline support as per the severity of the support

Can the system process accept credit/debit cards?

Yes it has facility to record credit and debit card payment

Technical Questions.

What is the license policy of Classwise?

License is per year basis

Data Security

How do I keep the data secure?

Application is Online and Data is Backuped Daily so incase of any failure there will be no data loss

How many years can I keep the data?

Data Can be Maintain for Last 10 Years

Financial Questions

What is the AMC? What does it include?

There is No AMC as we have Yearly Package in which Every Year they will get support and Updates